Break free


Whoever said that fashion was just revolved around clothing has no idea what he was talking about. Fashion can be found in absolutely everything just not every one has the ability to spot it. Clothing can be inspired by various items and some times the source of inspiration itself tends to be a bit odd (not in a bad way just in an unexpected way). My personal biggest source of inspiration comes from my surroundings the views, the deserts I eat, the colours I see and the culture of my country. When I say culture I don’t specifically mean the expected cliché it’s more like the stuff I see and know (like how this generation is a bit rebellious and wants more freedom). I’m not going to lie when a specific piece of clothing becomes popular I can’t wait to get my hands on it but you will never see me styling it like anybody else and that’s because I have developed a sense of style that is now my own.
A few tips I have for you are :
1- Know your body.
2- Get inspired.
3- Experiment with fashion.
No matter where you live break free from society and wear what YOU want to wear. You don’t get to live twice so when you get old and talk to your grand children tell them about what you wore not what you were afraid to wear. Be as fashionable as a NOLA cupcake beautiful from inside and out.

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