Summer essentials


So one of my priorities for this blog is to show you (my lovely national and international readers) that we, egyptians, are and will always be fashionistas. Our fashion scene is blooming with designers, events, fashionable people, creativity and everything possible to imagine. The only thing I think we should have is street style photographers, I take decent pictures but photography isn’t really my calling so I can’t really do that (but I can share some outfits I like either my own or my entourage’s ). Since the existence of calligraphy egyptian women and men (decided to put women first because I’m just a tad feminist) have perfected the art of getting dressed and for a short period of time I think that we and the world have forgotten about that so the best way to remember it is to spread it. My outfit today (picture above) is a lace top from Zara, jean shorts also from Zara, a statement necklace from Stradivarius and a woven clutch from one of our own designers AMINA.K.
So today I have with me my older sister, Nadia Eltawil (finance enthusiast in the morning fashionista at night), my cousin, Tootsie (fashion enthusiast) and Nayla Tahan (the owner of NILLENS who happens to be one of the most creative minds in Egypt) and their top 5 fashion obsessions this summer as long as mine.

I’ll starts off with mine. Mine are very very versatile and not at all matching some of them may be odd but I just love them.
1-Rolled up boyfriend jeans. I happen to live in Egypt where it’s extremely hot and you may get weird looks and comments if you walk around the city in shorts or a skirt (we should work on that tho) so this is a really nice alternative but remember that styling is everything.
2-Loose patterned pants. I get hot really easily so wearing skin tight pants during summer is not my number one priority. I don’t really like to have clingy materials wrapped around my body when it’s nearly 40 degrees outside. Patterned pants are comfy, stylish and therefore they deserve a place in my list.
3-Dark nail polish. So everyone’s dressed in vibrant colours and summery shades and I can’t help to want some darkness in my life a bit of burgundy might not be in season but I can’t help but craving some dark nail polish.
4-NOLA ramadan flavours. I’m fasting all day and I can’t help but crave these cupcakes. You have all the sweetness of a cupcake with the oriental taste you’d like to digest in ramadan. Perfect pairing.
5- Lace tops. I’m obsessed with lace, I think it’s feminine, sexy and timeless. They can be dressed up, dressed down and styled in a billion different way (million wasn’t strong enough). You can wear them with pants, shorts, skirts, jackets, kimonos and pretty much anything. I like to pair them with maxi dresses and a jean shirt to have a boho chic vibe going on.

Now let’s see what my lovely sister is obsessing over this summer.
1- Jumpsuits. What’s not to love about an all in one outfit. It’s such an easy and stylish outfit. You just have to find one that matches your body and personality. And also you have to be comfortable in it because it’s basically the only thing you’re wearing.
2- Maxi skirts. They come in a lot of different styles and they’re super feminine.
3- Bright coloured bags. If you’re wearing a basic outfit just add a bright colourful bag and you’re outfit goes from plain to fashionable.
4- Jeans. Self explanatory. From pants to jackets they’re definitely a fashion do.
5- Statement necklaces. They just take your outfit to the next level.

Tootsie’s obsessions this season are very specific and might I just add very nice.
1- Sunglasses (dior so real metal & plastic)…they’re light and don’t bother you in the heat, while still looking edgy.
2- Clarins SPF moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated and protected.
3- Michael kors “Calder” sandal in tan…block heels are a must, it’s low enough to dress up or down and the neutral color is super useful and easy to pair with your summer items.
4- A crisp white dress to keep it elegant and show off your summer tan. My fave is self portrait’s SS14 pattern play midi dress.
5- A colorful tote to lug all your stuff around all summer long like Marni’s printed PVC totes.

And lastly Nayla’s items which are very colourful.

1- Colorful beach bag, check out the ones we just bought from Markaz, a beautiful store in Maadi. (pictured down)
2- nillens beach wrap in rose/off-white for an easy, comfortable beach look (
3- Printed bathing suit, H&M has a great collection!
4- Ray-ban sunglasses
5 – Printed nillens harem pants to wear around the city in this hot summer! (


Quote of the day : “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak” -Rachel Zoe

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