Fearless Fashion


I idolize Carrie Bradshaw and she’s my source of inspiration (even tho she has had quite of few bad outfits I can’t help but feel inspired when I see her outfits). I know she’s a fictional character but I can’t help but love her. I’m not talking about Sex and the city Carrie Bradshaw, I ‘m talking about young Carrie, the one in Carrie’s Diary. She’s young, fun and she wants to make it big.

I learned a lot from Carrie, I learned that in the fashion business it’s not about luck. It’s about talent, hard work and connections. You’re not going to sit all day on a couch and expect to make it. You need to move, meet people and work as hard as you can. I don’t want to do anything in life except work in that industry, it’s my calling. Carrie’s story is pretty much like any success story, she worked hard and she made it. But she’s also the perfect example that it’s definitely not about luck. She wanted it, she worked for it and she got it. Well you know what? I want it, I’m sure as hell working for it and I will have it (hopefully). I want to make a name for myself in this industry and I want to be remembered.

In fashion there’s no rules. You wear what you want to wear how you want to wear it, the only thing that may be considered as a rule I think is that you have to be confident. You can be wearing a killer outfit and not be comfortable in you own skin and you basically ruined your outfit. Not everything looks good on everyone so what looks nice on you may not suit someone else and vice versa. You have to love what you’re wearing, be confident in what you’re wearing and make your own rules *on wednesdays we wear pink*.

Today I have with me Laila Sedky (Owner of NOLA and a fearless fashionista). I admire her style and I think we can all learn a thing or two from her. She has developed a sense of style that is elegant while still being very edgy. We talked about fashion and she gave me 5 fashion tips to share with you all.
1-Black works with everything.
2-Red lipstick never fails.
3-A good shoe and bag will always make u look sharper.
4-Look neater with nailpolish.
5-Keep it simple.

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