Waking up late


You know when you’re having one of those lazy days where you coral out of bed and find out you’re late and don’t have a second to waste on figuring out what to wear? Well let’s say you have a fitness class in the morning then you have to go to work (or school or uni) then you have a family event (which if you’re fasting is probably a fetter) and then you’re meeting up with a couple friends. How are you going to deal with that? Well one thing for sure it’s easier than you think.

Step one: Get ready for your fitness class, throw on a pair of sweat pants and some shoes for a quick outfit. Extra points if you put on your morning cream, add some lip balm and tie your hair in a pony tail.
Step two: Time to get your bag ready to fit everything you need during the day from makeup to clothes to shoes to little bags to match your outfits. You have to be very organized in this step because if it’s not organized you’re going to ruin everything and won’t be able to keep up with the day.
Outfit number one: For an easy work outfit pair some patterned tight pants with a blouse and some cute ballerinas.
Outfit number two: Keep on the same blouse just add a cute skirt, heels and a statement lip.
Outfit number three: Again with the same blouse add some loose silk patterned pants and a jean jacket.

If you think quick and you’re very organized this whole thing might even take less than 15 mins. To brighten your mood I’d recommend playing some happy tunes and relax you’re already late. Quote of the day: “Fashion my dear will never die”-Evie Lynn Fritz

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