The nail report by Perrie Omar

Whether they’re fingernails or toenails, they’re made of living skin cells. They have 3 major parts: the nail plate (the visible part), the nail bed (the skin beneath the nail plate) and the cuticle (the skin around the nail plate). So just like every part of our body, it has to be treated in a special way.

The nail polish is a colorful accessory that adds a touch to your outfit, not necessary but favorable.

To follow the trending nail polish colors, designs and and nail forms, is kind of hard, especially if you’re a daily worker or a student (don’t you worry, that’s what I’m here for).

It’s finally summer! Which means sun, high temperature and bright bright bright colors! Just like clothes, the fashion trend can’t be complete without some touches to your body extremities (fingers and toes).

Summer 2014 is not like every other summer, it brings back some oldies and with newies.

– Neutral shades: They’re timeless. Such as skin tone shades, peach, beige etc… They can fit with everything. Adding class and sophistication, you always have to have at least one neutral color in your nail polish bag if you get for instance a last minute call to go to a party or even hang out.

– Cheerful colors: If you like crazy and bright colors, this season you’re gonna get the chance to have fun with colors. NEONS! Must have for summer! FOR EACH SUMMER NEONS ALWAYS WORK! Pink, Green, Orange, Red, Blue and my favorite, Yellow! Believe me on this, neon shades always work for summer seasons.
(And for the record, because I’m here to help you, if you want a color to pop out, polish your nails with white underneath the color).
– And for the casual oldie, nail piercings! Not so long ago, they were popular. Just like every other fashion style, the oldies become again newies, just like vintage stuff. They come with different shapes and sizes, try OPI’s, they’re by far the best.

I hope you enjoyed this session, if you have any questions about nail cares, nail polish, nail designs and tutorials, feel free to ask!

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