Rock that kimono


So fact it’s Ramadan and you probably don’t want to show off too much skin during the month but it’s so hot and you just want to stay in your birthday suit (which you can’t unless you’re a hippy or a rockstar’s troubled daughter). So what if there’s super light clothing that you can thrown on that’ll be both conservative? Well there is, a kimono jacket! Also if you’re looking to update your staple cardigan, the popular kimono jacket trend may be something to consider.The kimono jacket is also figure forgiving if you wear it right.

The kimono jacket is a very versatile piece and I don’t think it takes an expert to pull it off. Usually they’re printed so basically just throw it on under a jeans and a black shirt and you’re ready to go. I like going with colourful shoes so the outfit doesn’t go unnoticed. And once again while wearing a kimono be confident, you look great so don’t be self conscious. The kimono jacket itself is a very easy piece to pull off once the styling (which is super easy) is done right. So rock that kimono jacket of yours with a killer confidence and of course a smile!

Quote of the day: “Life’s too short to wear boring clothes”-Lady Gaga


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