Pack your beach bag


Packing a beach bag may be overwhelming when you don’t know what to pack but as soon as you’ve got a system figured out it won’t be a stressing anymore. Packing a beach bag is essential because if you don’t you can’t survive going to the beach.
Your essentials will be devised in 3 groups:

1-A waterproof bag to store everything you don’t want to get wet like your phone, speakers, wallet and sunglasses. I love this one by The Sahara Collection because it’s a fabulous clutch so just put your essentials in it and take it from the beach to whatever you’re doing after the beach.
2-A bag with water and healthy snacks to nibble all through the day.
3-A cosmetics bag with sunscreen (If you were only allowed to bring one item with you it should be SPF to protect your skin. Be sure to reapply throughout the day), chapstick (try to find one with SPF), a comb and a serum for your hair.

And lastly put in your actual bag a towel and coverup. The bag I picked is from Isabelli, it’s really spacious and comes in a ton of different vibrant colours perfect for summer and the beach. This bag is definitely a summer must have. Have fun at the beach and don’t get sun burned (because that would suck).
Quote of the day: “A smile is the best makeup any girl can wear.”

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