Interview with Lina Maklad owner and genius behind Boho Gallery


When you first enter Boho Gallery you will feel like a kid entering a candy store. The store itself is so colourful and the products are all eye catching you don’t know where to start. I feel like Boho Gallery is one of the places in Egypt that defines perfectly our fashion scene: while still being new is making a statement. If you haven’t been to the store you should definitely go soon. I interviewed Lina and loved all of her answers, read the interview bellow.

1-What was the idea behind boho gallery?
Well, boho gallery is inspired from the bohemian style which is collecting several styles under one roof!

2-How did you get started?
Actually, I started by my jewelry line khamsa w khmesa since 5 years ago and thought of opening my own boutique after graduation! After I was done with the finishing I decided that I shud serve more than just jewelry! And made some calls for my fav designers asking them for collaboration.

3-How do you choose the items that are sold inb your store ?
Well! Depends on the trend amd the market need.

4-What inspires you?
Every single thing does!

5-What’s the most rewarding thing about running boho gallery?
Knowing the most talented designers and respectable clients.

6-What advice do you have for first time designers about how to get noticed ?
Just be yourself and create! Never copy!And focus on the social media.

7-What are your favourite designers?
Everyone is unique in their own work! All of them are so special to me.

8-What’s your vision for the gallery?
Maintaining the lead in the fashion industry.

9-How would you define your personal style?
Simple yet trendy!

10-Does your personal style have an impact on the clothes you choose for the store?
Not at all I’m always focusing on variety to meet the customer satisfaction.



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