One dress 3 ways / The Sahara Collection part one


I’m going to share with you a little secret, the Sahara collection has always had and will always have a special place in my heart. The Sahara collection has a boho vibe that you can’t help but love. Each collection is different but they always excel in making great quality, versatile pieces. They also make every season basic shirts to match all of your outfits that I think every gal should own.
I’ll tell you how I first discovered the Sahara collection! It was a few years back, the first edition of the Cairo fashion festival. I was with my sisters and we came back at night for the fashion show, we then saw the models on the runway in gorgeous outfits and that’s when I realized that the Egyptian fashion scene was blooming and I might say that that’s the moment when I truly knew that I wanted to be part of it. So that’s why The Sahara collection has a huge part in my heart because not only do they have gorgeous clothes but also in some way they made me realize my calling in life.
Today I decided to style this dress from the Sahara collection with a denim vest to give some edge to the outfit. When I wear a feminine item I usually like to edge it up so that it fits my style. The thing about the dress is that it’s the most comfy thing ever, I literally feel like I’m not wearing anything (but I am).
This is the first post of a 3 part series. I’ll show you in the next 2 parts how to style the dress in a different way.

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