Revamp your look


Sometimes you get bored of your look and you just want to change it up. It’s not as difficult as it seams you can have your new look in just 4 different simple steps!

1. Clean out your closet.
If you want to revamp your look the first thing to do is clean out your closet. Figure out what works and what doesn’t with your new look. But don’t foget that basics are a necessity no matter what. The last thing you want is have a bunch of clothing you’re no longer gonna wear crowding your closet. You probably have in the back of your closet a bunch of clothes you haven’t worn in ages and you’re not planning to wear. Plus you need all that extra space for the clothes you’re gonna buy.

2. Bye bye comfort zone.
If you want to revamp your look the first thing you’re going to have to do is step out of your comfort zone. For some people that means wearing bright colours but for some other people that may mean experimenting with neutrals. Who knows maybe your new look comes with a new confidence?

3. Go shoe shopping.
If you want to add some oomph to your new look what better way than accessorizing with shoes? If you’re always in flats go for a heal for once and on the other hand if you’re in ski high heels give flats a chance; pair of block-heel loafers or pointed flays may be the way to go.

4. Invest in a good bag.
Even tho we love our trendy clutches we all need a good quality bag. I’d recommend a leather or suede bag for everyday. I think that every girl should own a sturdy bag in a neutral colour. They match pretty much everything you wear and never go out of season. Good quality accessories make any outfit complete

And when you’re done with that go clothes shopping! New look, new clothes.
“Success is most often achieved by those who don’t know that failure is inevitable.”
― Coco Chanel, Believing in Ourselves: The Wisdom of Women

P.S: Skirt is from Zara, necklace is from Forever 21 and bag is from Tory Burch.

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