Dress codes decoded volume.1

We all know that whenever you get an invitation and there’s a dress code you get confused. You’re scared that your outfit will either be too much or not enough but don’t worry about that anymore I’ve got you covered with what each dress code actually means and a fool proof outfit. today I’ll be telling you about the most casual of the formals and the most casual thing you can wear all together.

photo 2

Short dresses that are party ready are the way to go. When in doubt go for a sequinned dress or a colourful one. Your dress should end above your knees. Accessories witch a clutch and wear some heels to give the outfit the boost it needs.
Fool Proof Outfit: A LBD with fun jewellery.

photo 1

Anything goes in this case. This dress code means you should wear what you’re the most comfortable in but still look presentable. So whatever you’re the most comfy in wear that!
Fool Proof Outfit: Basic shirt, jeans and sneakers.

Special thanks to my model Nadine, you can find her on instagram: nadineajr

2 responses to “Dress codes decoded volume.1

  1. Absolutely adoring your casual look!!


  2. Great post! I’ve been reading a lot of these tips in style books and it’s brilliant to see you start posting them online!

    You might as well like my new blog post: Outfit: Refined Rocker

    Lil Miss Bianca

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