Be true to you!


I’m a big fan of trends and experimenting with fashion but at the end of the day you have to have a fashion signature. When French editor Carine Roitfled shows on the red carpet or is spotted out she always has perfect bed hair and when I think of bed hair I always think of her. When anyone thinks of Coco Chanel the first thing that comes in mind is the little black dress. Whether it’s a specific cut, a colour, an item or even a hairstyle or a lipstick whatever you choose that’s your signature and when all else fails rely on it.

While we love experimenting with fashion each individual should also have a personal style. Personal style defines who you are. A thousand people can buy the same shirt as you but it’s how you style it and make it your own that stands out.

To find your fashion signature just observe what you wear the most and what you tend to buy and when in doubt just rock that and when you’re trying to figure out what your personal style is just observe your closet, the styles, cuts and colours.

It’s good to experiment with fashion but at the end of day you have to develop style not be trendy because trends fade only style remains the same.
Special thanks to my beautiful model Nadine!

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