If indie pop and rock and roll had a love child





Oh how I love mixing styles together. I don’t usually do this but above is my outfit of the day. I wore an olive green maxi dress with a beaded belt and clutch and added my favourite denim vest and round shades. To top off the outfit I added a pair of black ballerinas straight from my mom’s closet.

If someone asks me to define myself I’d simply say that I’m the indie pop and rock and roll love child that’s why I’m really into this outfit. The maxi dress and beaded accessories channel the indie pop and my denim vest and round shades are perfectly rock and roll.

I genuinely believe that there’s no such thing as fashion rules, you do what you want. You can pull off anything as long as you know your body and what’s flattering on you. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t wear something because you’re too fat, skinny, curvy, tall or short. You simply need to find a cut that flatters you and wear with a killer confidence.

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