Trend analysis by Ines Gohar

It’s officially fall! I have to say that fall is my second favourite season (after summer of course), I can’t help but love everything about it, the clothes, halloween(who doesn’t love dressing up in cray outfits?), the cinnamon lattés but most of all the fact that it’s chilly enough that I can carry a jacket along but don’t have to actually wear it all the time.

So for my first post about fall fashion I bring to you a trend report by Ines Gohar, Beymen’s fashion buyer (who got to see the fall collections first hand). Read on and take notes.

The question I hate the most is: so which colour is in fashion next season. Because honestly if I go to a showroom and take their colour cards I will find all the available colours. As a matter a fact in a same month if you take several magazines you can find a page that claims its about the white and another that will tell you its all about the purple and a third that its all about the red. And each will be able to exemplify it with pictures taken from runway shows.

So yeah I generally like to reply: anything that makes you happy is in fashion.

But it is true there are general tendencies that you see more than others. And this is how you can easily differentiate a decade over another in terms of trends.

Anyways who cares about my analysis here are the things I saw recurrent in many showrooms when it comes to FW14-15.

A lot of people worked with mesh. On bags and on clothes.

The pointy shoe is forcing itself in, even tho the Egyptian customer is having a hard time with it we will have to adapt.

The feminine cuts are coming back, its been several seasons that the boxy masculine style is cool but the women said enough (or man for that matter) and I noticed the more fitted cuts are coming back.

The working girl bags are still big and the tiniest the bag the better, I actually don’t know how girls manage to carry anything.

Also noticed that high end decided that carry over styles is their bread n butter. So you’ll noticed when it comes to bags n shoes that the styles don’t change its just about the colours and fabrics.

As for Ready to wear there is a huge rush towards coats. Its all about investing in a nice coat.

I’ve seen less boots than I usually do.

I also noticed that generally the tendency probably due to the world crisis is towards investing in statement pieces or pieces that scream the brand. You will notice for example that showing the brands in a 90’s kinda way is coming back in force. Look at Moschino for example whose belt with the metal letters is sold out everywhere. Its ok to be loud and show off your brand this season its not anymore about not wanting to show it’s a designer even tho you bought a designer.

Voila! Oh and I also saw a lot of military prints. Its been there for a few seasons but its still there.

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