5 minutes with Ahmed Nabil


Ahmed Nabil is the master mind behind nob designs. While meeting up we talked about everything from his mass com days to his muse.


From a young age Ahmed knew he wanted to do anything related to art and even designed a friend’s prom dress. After getting a degree in mass com, Ahmed took a different road and took an art direction and styling course at the fashion studio tough by Bossaina El Kahal who actually inspired him to start nob designs. Ahmed takes a lot of pride in his mood boards and shapes a whole collection out of them. Because he’s very picky he does a lot of research and then sketches an idea takes it to a tailor and keeps on working on his shirts until they’re perfected.


Nob design is targeted for young, fun gals who like out of the box and over the top apparel. While there is a fierce competition in Egypt with the all the young and creative designers there’s nothing similar to Nob designs. But copy cats still exist and while some take some drastic measures and make a whole deal out of it Ahmed stays humble and interprets it as flattery. Nob designs described in one word is fun and if it were a person it would probably be the designer’s good friend and mentor Bossaina El Kahal. After the redefining gender roles campaign Ahmed got a very big response with versatile opinions which helped with exposure. In the end there’s no such thing as a bad publicity. Ahmed’s future plans are concentrating more on designing with a winter collection that’s hopefully launching at the end of November and expanding.

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