Ahmed Nabil: The stylist and The designer


1-What does your job consist of?
Basically it consists of letting go of your imagination: searching ,reading (which I don’t particularly like but I have to do) and a lot of editing or more specifically toning down your ideas in order to be able to execute what you have in mind.
2- What’s the most rewarding thing in your job?
As a designer it’s of course when you see people wearing your designs and styling them in various ways according to their own personality, it’s like seeing your designs come to life.
As a stylist it’s basically almost the same thing, when it comes all together and you see how each character transforming from fantasy to reality.

3- What’s your favourite thing in designing?
I imagine a character in my head: the nob girl, and I go through a journey with her from morning to afternoon to night and I imagine what my girl is going to wear all through the day.

4- What’s something you experienced in the fashion industry that formed you into who you are today?
Pressure is good : Once right before shooting my look book by a day the model cancelled so I didn’t have a model for the shoot so instead of panicking I searched for a new one for 5 hours continually on the street style pages on Instagram until I found one of my favorite models Sandra who has become one of my best friends now. And I can confidently say that since that happened I’m ready to face any challenges and learned that in order to succeed you have to learn how to work under pressure.
5- What are your future projects?
I have lot of projects planned and I’m almost done designing my limited collection and I’m still working on my summer collection which am beyond excited for.
6- Tell me about a bad experience.
Last summer a so called designer stole my floral fabric and made an entire collection out almost 4 months I released my collection.
7- If you could describe your personal style in 3 words what would they be?
Since I love to be messy in a clean way I think the 3 words would have to be: avant garde , edgy and chic.

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