International Women’s day


Today’s international women’s day (a.k.a THE day to empower women), before rambling about the importance of this day to me, let’s talk about the history behind this grant day.
International Women’s day is celebrated on the 8th March every year and focuses on the celebration of respect, love and appreciation towards woman all around the world. Originally it was a socialist political event that blended different cultures all over the world. This day lost its political importance and is now an occasion to express love for woman. The first IWD celebration took place in New York and was organised by THE SOCIALIST PARTY OF AMERICA in remembrance of the strike in 1908 of the International Ladies’ Garment Workers’ Union.
I personally think that in our society women aren’t appreciated enough and are more teared down than empowered. To this day women and man aren’t treated as equals, especially in the middle east, even in our subconscious we attribute women and men different functions and roles, this kind of thinking is transmitted through the generations and has to stop. I am proud to be a woman and will fight for women’s rights. As Hilary Clinton once said “Human rights are Women’s rights and Women’s rights are Human rights”.
I’d like to to take this as an opportunity to recognise 5 amazing empowered egyptian women who are constant source of inspiration to not only women but also men.

1- Laila Sedky for launching the first cupcakes store in Egypt (NOLA) and starting a phenomenon and a cupcakes craze.
2- Salma Abudeif for blooming in her modelling career and becoming the face of Kriss.
3- Tara Emad for apart from modelling and acting founded the “Help From your Heart” foundation.
4- Yasmin Mansour for launching her first collection.
5- Hadia Ghaleb for being one of Egypt’s biggest fashionistas and starting her own company (GPH) right after graduating.

xoxo, Alia

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