Mohanad Kojak

A while ago we met up with Mohanad Kojak and to say the least we were blown away by his positivity, creativity and kindness. For those who aren’t familiar with Mohanad, he’s currently a student at GUC studying applied arts, who started his own line “Kojak”. It is very difficult to juggle between university and a career but this beautiful soul managed to do it flawlessly.

mohad copy

Kojak’s designs are unique, different and definitely stand out. Each piece is made with so much care and is tailored to perfection. Most kid’s dream is to be dressed like royalty and he makes these dreams come true (well for adults not kids). I am in love with everything he has created and I have to say each collection is even better than the previous one.

photo 3.PNG

His newest collection entitled “Bloodline” is dominated by a Royal blue, Muted Gold and Nude palette and is enriched with tassels. This collection definitely stands out and the most beautiful thing about it is the fact that it’s wearable art.

photo 1.PNG

Here are a couple fun facts:

  • The gorgeous woman in the middle is Mohanad’s mother.
  • Mohanad takes all the pictures in his look book and accompanies them with captions in order to open up his mind to us and tell us a story

All pictures found on Mohanad’s instagram (@m_kojak)


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