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Maxi skirt or wide leg pants?






So as much as I love summer, the heat right now is killing me and when I wear jeans my skin gets red (I call it jeans rash, but is that actually a thing?). So I decided to try something new and just avoided wearing anything that clings to my legs (a.k.a jeans, leggings etc..) most of the time. Wide leg pants have grown to become my best friends. I’m especially fond to this pair because if my legs are closed it looks like I’m wearing a maxi skirt then when I start moving you can tell that it’s pants also I got quite a few compliments today which made my day to be honest.

I have a couple hints when it comes to styling printed loose pants and I’ll share them with you.
1- I know that everyone’s super into mixing prints right now but unless the 2 prints mix super well together stay away from that it’ll end up looking like a mess.
2- If you’re wearing them in the morning opt for a plain coloured shirt while taking in consideration the colour palette of the pants.
3- If you’re wearing them at night wear a geometric shirt and if you want to wear crop top make sure that there’s not more than 3 centimetres of skin showing if the pants are high waisted.
4- When it comes to accessorising keep it simple, feel free to wear a big statement necklace but in that case town down the rings and/or bracelets you’re wearing.
5- I love lipstick and it’s an essential part in any outfit I put on. So if you put lipstick on make sure it matches your outfit because at the end of the day it is an accessory.

Mohanad Kojak

A while ago we met up with Mohanad Kojak and to say the least we were blown away by his positivity, creativity and kindness. For those who aren’t familiar with Mohanad, he’s currently a student at GUC studying applied arts, who started his own line “Kojak”. It is very difficult to juggle between university and a career but this beautiful soul managed to do it flawlessly.

mohad copy

Kojak’s designs are unique, different and definitely stand out. Each piece is made with so much care and is tailored to perfection. Most kid’s dream is to be dressed like royalty and he makes these dreams come true (well for adults not kids). I am in love with everything he has created and I have to say each collection is even better than the previous one.

photo 3.PNG

His newest collection entitled “Bloodline” is dominated by a Royal blue, Muted Gold and Nude palette and is enriched with tassels. This collection definitely stands out and the most beautiful thing about it is the fact that it’s wearable art.

photo 1.PNG

Here are a couple fun facts:

  • The gorgeous woman in the middle is Mohanad’s mother.
  • Mohanad takes all the pictures in his look book and accompanies them with captions in order to open up his mind to us and tell us a story

All pictures found on Mohanad’s instagram (@m_kojak)

Saya Swimwear

My favorite season is here, which means that days get longer, skin gets darker and that it’s time to show off that body. I discovered a swimwear brand called saya (@sayaswimwear on instagram) based here in Egypt that’s going to cover all your needs for this hot season.


We all know that swimsuit shopping is a very hectic process but saya’s making is super easy with a wide selection of cuts to pick from, there’s something for everybody. Every swimsuit is made with love & care and it’s a guarantee that the quality is good as it’s not a mass production. I strongly advise you all to drop what you’re doing and go check them out right now.
Also how cute is the wet bag that comes with every swimsuit as a gift?