Pop Up Shop

A couple weeks ago we headed to Pop Up Shop (ig @popupshopeg) where Seif styled and shot, and I modelled. With a lot of pieces to pick from we ended the day with 3 fabulous outfits.




This outfit made me feel glamorous. The fur coat itself is enough to make any girl feel fabulous, but the mix with the pants, white tee and converse gave the outfit a girl next door vibe which was an instant confidence boost (laid back outfit + statement jacket = hot). And don’t get me started on the outfit’s colour palette, the pinkish peach tones (which happen to complement my skin *just saying*) looked absolutely gorgeous on the pieces.


This look is mysterious and conservative yet is a statement. To me this look is like a book’s first chapter, it says a lot but doesn’t reveal too much. Also can we talk about the fact that I’m wearing a Kojak shirt (thank you Seif for including it in this awesome outfit and stay tuned The Style Pharaoh x Kojak *soon*).


This is the same exact outfit as the previous one except that Seif traded the trench coat with a black fur and leather jacket. With this simple switch he was able to demonstrate how a jacket can influence an entire outfit. This outfit is simple. speaks for itself and is timeless (also it reminds me of what a modern day Audrey Hepburn would’ve worn).









Tuesday 14th April at Fairmont Heliopolis will be held the first edition of Cairo Couture Collections which is Egypt’s brand new concept that’s not only aiming to change the face of fashion, but also aiming to inspire it too. “Cairo Couture Collections (CCC) is a semi- annual fashionable affair- being the gateway to the global and top local creative design talents we have in Egypt.”

The shows will expose Pret a porter designers collections, “in a formal format- based on the fashion shows of the world capitals- New York, London and Paris.”

The glam team for the event and models are the finest in town and as a social treat CCC will bring a  top celebrity stylist and Exclusive designer from the USA; Stevie Boi, who happened to create get-ups for Lady Gaga herself and Queen B (Beyoncé)  and last but not least Rihanna. “He continues his Spring Summer tour after his stint at #MBNYFW to our very own CCC.” Another designer coming  to Egypt for her first time is the creative, innovative sensation: Tiffany Rae who is a wise designer to watch out for as she conquers the fashion scene, just like a storm!


CCC aims to bring the most unique and refreshing international designers who only showcase at the most top notch runway events, “so from AltaRoma to CCC is Sheikha Hend Al Qassemi with her exquisite fashion house; House Of Hend. She will be showcasing her distinctive style of polished glamour. Straight out of SYNERGY Emerging trends at #LFW we present La Mo Designs- captivating and cultural are some of the words we can use to describe the colorful and contemporary designs, from the United Kingdom. Nuria Designs are not only chic but very glamorous too, which are straight out of Armenia, thus being their debut within Egypt. Fashion industry heavy-weight Heba Edris will once again take to the catwalk, her collection is as creative as before; showing the epitome of true creativity fit for a queen.”

Some of the best local designers such as Maison Saédi formerly Plush,  Norine Farah Couture, Shay’s Couture,  Rana Madkour and Hady Saad.

Be ready to see “Fashion Clash- Egypt’s” newest concept; “which brings together theater, architecture and arts into fashion through a unique performance, therefore this completes the show into perfection”.

CCC A4 Ad-01-02

Be ready to witness a spectacular event full of glamour, luxury and style! CAIRO COUTURE COLLECTIONS is the event to be at. The dress code is formal and doors close at 6PM. head over to their site to RSVP.

So, be ready to witness something big. Be there!


Healthy lifestyle

You know how we all have this one New Year resolution we never do? Well mine has always been to workout. I recently started a 30 days program that I’m actually sticking to quite well but still I don’t like sports that much, never have and probably never will. But on the other hand do you know what I love? Sports clothes. You could wear the craziest prints and wildest colours and surprisingly pull it off, which I think is pretty cool.

My 3 workout outfit essentials are:
1-Printed pants (You gotta admit they look awesome).
2-Colourful shoes (They look pretty so I like them).
3-Lightweight shirts (Because no one wants to wear a heavy shirt while working out).






International Women’s day


Today’s international women’s day (a.k.a THE day to empower women), before rambling about the importance of this day to me, let’s talk about the history behind this grant day.
International Women’s day is celebrated on the 8th March every year and focuses on the celebration of respect, love and appreciation towards woman all around the world. Originally it was a socialist political event that blended different cultures all over the world. This day lost its political importance and is now an occasion to express love for woman. The first IWD celebration took place in New York and was organised by THE SOCIALIST PARTY OF AMERICA in remembrance of the strike in 1908 of the International Ladies’ Garment Workers’ Union.
I personally think that in our society women aren’t appreciated enough and are more teared down than empowered. To this day women and man aren’t treated as equals, especially in the middle east, even in our subconscious we attribute women and men different functions and roles, this kind of thinking is transmitted through the generations and has to stop. I am proud to be a woman and will fight for women’s rights. As Hilary Clinton once said “Human rights are Women’s rights and Women’s rights are Human rights”.
I’d like to to take this as an opportunity to recognise 5 amazing empowered egyptian women who are constant source of inspiration to not only women but also men.

1- Laila Sedky for launching the first cupcakes store in Egypt (NOLA) and starting a phenomenon and a cupcakes craze.
2- Salma Abudeif for blooming in her modelling career and becoming the face of Kriss.
3- Tara Emad for apart from modelling and acting founded the “Help From your Heart” foundation.
4- Yasmin Mansour for launching her first collection.
5- Hadia Ghaleb for being one of Egypt’s biggest fashionistas and starting her own company (GPH) right after graduating.

xoxo, Alia



Want to head to a party to celebrate valentine’s day? If you’re in cairo head to Candy kisses night at amici zamalek for a night full of surprises! For more info call or text +20 100 7609328

Groups and couples only
Normal tickets are sold and 300 and VIP tickets are sold at 500

Paris, braids and leather

Paris is the city of love and I am IN LOVE with the city, the people, the food, the culture and everything about it. The streets of Paris alone are live museums with artists, dancers, magicians and monuments everywhere! They say that New York is the city that never sleeps at night but I disagree, I think that Paris deserves that title because you just can’t walk in the Parisian streets without finding life and movement no matter what time it is. Also Paris is the city where most big maison de luxe reside and were created from Chanel to Givenchy you can’t possibly ask for more. And let’s not forget about all the little Parisian boutiques, they definitely have some charm.